INK is out there!!!


Since march 3rd you can get our debut album, Ink, a giant with more than 2 hours 15 running time, both digitally and phisically in our bandcamp. The phisical edition includes the album in digipack format, plus a 24-page fully ilustrated booklet. It is a deluxe edition indeed, don’t miss it!!


Get the album here (you can have it signed):

“(…)with the band’s debut, the colossally magnificent, double CD concept album, Ink, they’ve so easily jumped to the forefront of modern melodic progressive rock/metal bands, that in a few years, we’ll most likely not care what the name means because this album is just so goddamn good(…)Just as when the first Haken album, Aquarius came out in 2010 and we all just KNEW that this UK band was on to something special which has obviously been borne out, it’s no stretch to say that Pervy Perkin could easily be the next big thing in melodic progressive metal.”